Tuesday 26 March 2024

FIRE is all about FI, not RE

I "FIRE'd" at the age of 26 when I sold my startup. Here is the thing - FIRE really is more about the "FI" rather than "RE". When you hit FIRE, you don't stop working altogether. You just avoid spending your time on things that suck your mental energy and rather focus your time on things that add to it and make you feel happy.

I sold my startup when I was 26. Was a part of the leadership team of the acquiring company for about 2 years. After 2 years, when I quit, I had thought that I would chill and enjoy and travel and whatnot. Within a few days, I was bored and was back in action, building my second venture.

FIRE is about earning enough that you don't have a dependence on your salary/job and so, you can do whatever you want. Retiring Early is a myth. Someone who stops working at the age of 40, with a high likelihood, would be bored to death.

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