Tuesday 26 March 2024

Double down on your strengths

I'd rather put all my time and energy into improving what I am already great at than learning something where I am average or something that I don't know.

For instance, if I am a great Software Engineer, I'd rather spend all my time improving my Software Engineering skills further, than trying to learn the basics of Sales or Product Management or anything else.

If I'm already great at Software Engineering, I'd want to upskill myself further and compete with the best Software Engineers in the world. If I am running a Business that requires a Sales skillset, I should ideally partner with a great Salesperson because it will take me a lot of time to learn Sales at their level. If I try and learn Sales myself, not only will I end up being a mediocre Salesperson, but also I'd lose the precious time that I could have spent becoming the best Software Engineer.

Being the Jack of all trades is overrated. Being a Master of one is underrated.

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