Tuesday 26 March 2024

Do you spend time with your customers?

A highly underrated thing to do in order to grow your Business is to spend more time with the customers.

During the early days of my previous startup, we were working with a leading private bank as our customer for our SaaS product. It was a large multi-deca-billion dollar bank. I spent more time at their Corporate HQ than at my own office.

While entering their office, the Laptop Serial Number had to be provided to the Security. I went there so often that the Guard had memorized my laptop's Serial Number.

When UPI was newly launched, in the Bank's office canteen, they had made it mandatory to accept only UPI payments. However, since UPI was a relatively newer technology then, it sometimes used to fail. When that happened to me, the Canteen person used to tell me "Sir, don't worry, you visit us every day, you can pay tomorrow".

Needless to say, the Bank became one of our largest customers and we had strong Business relations with multiple of their functional heads. Their group companies also were our customers - Insurance arm, Broking arm, Mutual fund arm, Housing finance arm and even their CSR subsidiary.

We could build a multi-crore business with them, purely because we gave them that desired time and attention. We showed up to their office like they were everything to us. We picked up their calls even on the weekends or during odd hours. We responded to their emails within minutes rather than hours and days.

They not only helped us get a lot of revenue/business, but they also helped us co-create our Product by providing their Business expertise.

Founders, especially CEOs who are in B2B SaaS - stop sitting at your desk. Go and work from your customer's office, especially during your business's initial days, and you're far more likely to succeed.

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