Thursday 26 January 2023

10 learnings from my Startup Journey

I started my Startup at the age of 21, got it to over $1M in revenues in just 4 years, and eventually got it acquired in a multi-million dollar transaction.

The journey was full of ups and downs. Steal these key learnings from my journey:

1. Think BIG in life to achieve BIG goals. Stop worrying about coupons and discount codes. Start figuring out your 5-year game plan and work on it.

2. Spend time with smart people. Smart people will help you build a better version of yourself. Your thinking will evolve and your personality will completely change.

3. Take care of your team. Your team is everything. They are a version of yourself. Take care of them as if you're taking care of yourself.

4. Work hard. That's the only parameter you can control. You can't control money, success or any other outcomes but you can control putting in X hours a day.

5. Focus on customers rather than investors. Customers are the only ones who will give you money. Everyone else wants money. Investors invest so that they can get back the money.

6. Play a long game. Don't spend too much time on short-term successes. If you think long-term, your decision-making will happen accordingly and you'd build a sustainable business.

7. Spend less time in the office and more time with customers. There is no substitute for real feedback from customers willing to pay. Get off your laptop and meet customers.

8. Share your journey with others. What's better than selling your product? Selling your story by inspiring others so that for them, you're already a trusted advisor. Sales will happen automatically.

9. Get a good quality lawyer. A good lawyer is worth the price because once you start making money, that's when all the screw-ups will begin to happen. Be lawyered up at that time.

10. Share your success with others. You can never achieve big alone. Make sure that you give due credit to people wherever they deserve and help them succeed.

I have shared a lot of my learnings about Business and Entrepreneurship on my YouTube Channel. Please check it here:

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