Sunday 22 January 2023

10 habits of MILLIONAIRES

I started my startup in college at the age of 21 and it got acquired by a large tech company when I was 26 years old, making me a self-made millionaire at the age of 26.

Here are the 10 habits of MILLIONAIRES:

1. Create goals and pursue them relentlessly. I have never seen a rich person who's aimless and has no clue what they are doing. Rich people are always working towards their long-term goals.

2. Eating healthy food. Rich people know that health is wealth. If your body and mind aren't in a good state, you can't be productive. Higher productivity gives you time and time is money.

3. Waking up early. This is debatable with many differing views. But broadly, the argument is that if you wake up early, you get 2 - 3 hours in the morning to meditate, exercise, reflect on your life, etc., before your busy day starts. This "me" time is extremely important.

4. Taking initiative. Rich people are proactively finding new ways to keep moving ahead in life. Be it hiring new people, building new partnerships, or investing in new businesses.

5. Reading a lot. Every rich person reads a lot to keep themselves up to date with new market trends, changes in user behavior, etc. Blogs, journals, magazines, newsletters, etc.

6. Networking with smart people. Being around smart people can help you become smarter with time. Smart people also motivate you to think and achieve bigger goals in life. Rich people spend a lot of time with people who are smarter than them.

7. Constantly learning new things. Rich people read a lot and learn the skills which are useful for them but which they don't know today. Don't know how to hire? Read a book. Don't know Sales? Read a book.

8. Managing time effectively. Time is money. Rich people don't waste time bargaining for a few dollars or cents or finding coupons because they know that their time is more valuable than that.

9. Taking care of people who help them. All rich people acknowledge that their success is because of the people who have helped them - team members, mentors, investors, parents, friends, etc. And so, they take good care of them.

10. Not wasting money. Rich people don't waste money on unnecessary things because they know the amount of blood and sweat invested in earning that money.

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