Sunday 4 December 2022

How to improve your productivity using Systems, Processes, and Habits?

 Your environment influences your thoughts

Your thoughts influence your habits

Your habits influence your behavior

Your behavior influences your actions

Your actions lead to your outcomes

To build great outcomes, make sure that:

1. Your environment is supportive of your goals: hang out with people who help you grow

2. You focus on the right thoughts: don't waste time on negative thoughts or things that don't matter to your goal

3. Your habits are right: build habits that help you become more productive

4. Your behavior towards others is right: help others succeed and they'll help you succeed

5. Your actions are right: your actions will eventually lead you toward your outcome

How do I apply this in my life?

1. Environment: I have to lose weight and so, I ensure that no sweet food/snack is kept on the dining table. Helps me ensure that I don't eat sweet food unnecessarily.

2. Thoughts: I have learned to not think too much about small losses/expenses here and there because, in the long run, it doesn't matter. It helps me focus on big things.

3. Habits: I have built the right habits of reading, writing, waking up timely, etc., that will help me become physically and mentally healthier.

4. Behavior: in college, I was extremely short-tempered. Now, I have learned to be calm and handle the situation rather than getting angry.

5. Actions: I use multiple productivity and task management tools that help me keep a track of my work (actions) so that the things that matter, get done on time.

Here is a video on how to improve your productivity using Systems, Processes, and Habits:

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