Monday 15 July 2019

What will be the salary of a Python developer, with no working experience except some personal projects in India?

All I can say is that it depends. Depends on what? Multiple factors.
  • SkillsPython is just a tool to write code. How good are you at coming up with solutions to challenging problems? Coding is probably the last thing I would worry about. If you can solve problems quickly, you sure will have better market value.
  • Interview performance and negotiation: Salary depends a lot on your interview performance. If you can convince the interviewers that you have the right skill set and that you can create enough value for the company, you sure would be able to negotiate a better salary.
  • Niche: What is it that you are best at? Solving problems? Writing code? Managing a team? Machine Learning? Distributed systems? Networks? If you have skills that are specific to a particular domain, you surely will be paid higher. Specialists generally are able to negotiate a higher salary than generalists.
  • Background: Tech companies usually give preference to Software Engineers and so, if you are from a CS background, you are sure to get paid higher.
Honestly, when we hire candidates at AllinCall, we do not worry much about how good a person is in Python programming. A smart person can pick-up almost any programming language in no time. It is more about the right attitude and the right problem-solving skills than the ability to program in a specific programming language.
We rather look for things like:
  • Ability to do a Google search (trust me, that’s one of the most important skills for any programmer).
  • Ability to think of creative solutions to challenging problems.
  • Enthusiasm to work in a startup environment.
  • Desire to grow faster and faster.

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