Monday 15 July 2019

What should an Indian CS student do in his sophomore year?

Explore. Explore like crazy.
Try everything:
  • Web development: Django Girls Tutorial. Learn the basics of how web applications work. Understand the client-server architecture.
  • Mobile app developmentAndroid Courses | Udacity. Learn how mobile devices are different from desktop devices. Learn about REST APIs
  • Machine LearningMachine Learning | Coursera. Learn how Machine Learning algorithms work. Take up simple ML-based projects.
  • CryptographyCryptography Courses | Coursera. Learn how your data is ensured to be secure when it is transmitted across machines.
  • Competitive programmingSphere Online Judge (SPOJ). Learn to build the right programmer attitude.
  • Research: (I am not the best research guy).
Basically, explore all avenues of Computer Science and figure out what interests you the most. This way, you can plan your course-work, projects, and internships accordingly. For instance, if you have decided that you want to build a career in Machine Learning, you can aim for an internship at an ML-based company/startup during your 2nd/3rd year summers.


  1. cout<<"You motivates me a lot sir!!!";

  2. Thank You sir!
    I will make sure that I do something great with the knowledge your blog and quora answers have given me so far.