Sunday 7 April 2024

There are no failures till you choose to quit

In my 7 years of building startups, I have learned an important ingredient for success - "there are no failures till you choose to quit".

In an entrepreneur's journey, there is no straightforward well-defined path that could be followed. You have to discover and build your own path. Naturally, in such uncertain situations, you are bound to make mistakes.

You may end up making some decisions that might lead to 0 or even negative output. And it happens so many times. The key to success is to identify what worked and what didn't and then do a course correction from there.

Built something that customers are not buying? Talk to them, get feedback and build the version of Product that they want. Made a wrong hire? Help them find a new job and hire a replacement.

Almost always, the wrong decisions can be fixed if you are vigilant enough to spot them and agile enough to fix them.

As long as you keep moving and correcting your course, you will succeed. You fail only when you decide to quit.

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