Tuesday 26 March 2024

Worst advice for Entrepreneurs

"Follow your passion" is probably the worst advice that Entrepreneurs are told.


Here are a few reasons:

1. Most people do not know what their passion is.
2. Most people are passionate about things that don't pay bills.
3. Most people follow their passion and then realize they aren't passionate about it.
4. If a lot of people follow the same passion as you, you won't have any unfair advantage in the space.

What's the correct version?

"Follow the opportunity"

While passion might have helped a few people succeed in Business, what works with a higher probability for a lot of people is to follow the opportunity instead.

True success is unlocked at the intersection of both - "Follow the opportunity that you are passionate about". If you can find something that you're passionate about and if it is also a big opportunity, then you become truly unstoppable. You'd have found what is popularly called as "Founder Market Fit".

What are you passionate about? Is that a large Business opportunity?

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