Sunday 1 January 2023

Schools are teaching you wrong

In school, we are taught to work on areas which we are weak at, and improve ourselves. In ICSE Board, in class 10th, there are 11 subjects. To do well in exams overall, one has to be good at all of these 11 subjects. I remember scoring just 32.5/80 marks in English in my class 10th pre-boards, with 32 being the passing score. I always wanted to get into the Software world and I found no reason to learn Shakespearean English.

Real life, on the other hand, works in a completely different manner. No one cares what you're bad at. Everyone wants to know what you're good at and they'd hire you for that. They don't want you to improve in the areas in which you're bad.

For example, in the last 5.5 years of my career, no one asked me to improve my English. I'm a Programmer by Education and an Entrepreneur by Profession and so, all that was always expected of me was to build great Software and build a great company.

I definitely don't have a great English. But it's good enough for me to talk to people, write emails and express my thoughts on Social Media. I never had the need to improve it as such because people cared more about what I was best at, which is building Software and building a great company.

Another example where real life and what schools teach have a vast difference is that in school, we are taught to explain things in 7 pages. In real life, you have to convey in 7 seconds or the person kicks you out.


- Real life is different from how a traditional school works
- Double down on your strengths and keep improving them and become the best at it
- Don't completely ignore your weaknesses, but don't put a conscious effort to become the best at everything either
- Learn to communicate your strengths to the outside world

Wishing all the readers a wonderful New Year!

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  1. True! Reforms seem to be happening in education