Wednesday 28 December 2022

Your startup idea isn't worth anything at all.

I see so many founders obsessing about their *billion-dollar* startup idea. The reality is, without proper execution, your startup idea is, well... just a startup idea and not an actual business. So what's the point? Instead, focus on executing that first step.

How do you climb up to the 3rd floor of your building? You take the first step. How do you create a popular YouTube channel? You start by publishing one video today. How do you lose 20 kgs? By not eating that ice cream tonight. How does a baby learn to walk? By taking the first step.

As you can see, every big thing starts by taking the first step, NOW.

No point in overthinking your startup idea. No point in hiding it in Stealth Mode. No point in talking to a dozen VCs to get their opinion. No point in discussing with your friends every single day.

The only and only right step is to go and meet 5 prospects. Talk to them, get their feedback and work backward and start building. That's all that matters. You're not building your Product for the investors and so, no point in talking to them about their opinions. Sure, you can talk to them for feedback. Best, you ask them to introduce you to 5 prospective customers. But then that's about it. You're not building for the VCs. You're building for the customers. The customer is your main stakeholder. Not the VC.

One of my advisors said a really strong statement that I carry with me even today - "think big, act small"

Think of reaching the top of the mountain. But also take that first step to start climbing it. Only thinking about the mountain and talking to others won't take you to the summit. You need to get up and start climbing it. Step by step. Every single day. Without stopping. Until you reach the top. The boring and unsexy method is the only sustainable and repeatable method to win.

That's the only way to achieve success. There are no shortcuts and so, stop looking for shortcuts.

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