Sunday 4 December 2022

Building from India, selling in the US

Recently I interacted with Mehul who is the founder of SWISH by Yogami. Mehul is a friend and a senior from IIT Bombay.

After a consulting stint at Kearney, Mehul joined Guild Capital as a Vice President. Around the mid of 2020 during the COVID time, he decided to start a startup of his own. He left Guild to experiment with a few ideas around e-commerce and finally landed on Yogami which helps people in the US and Singapore to take live Yoga lectures from instructors in India.

In this video, Mehul has shared his journey and answered a bunch of interesting questions:

1. How did he land on the idea of Yogami?
2. How did he find his cofounders?
3. How did he get the first few customers?
4. How did they iterate based on the customer feedback to reach product/market fit?
5. How they used tools like Zoom to build a business keeping the costs low?
6. How they raised funds from friends and family?

Mehul's journey is quite inspiring for every entrepreneur. For me personally, the most interesting part was how he started with recorded yoga lectures and then iterated to group live classes, then personalized live classes, and finally found the product/market fit in the personalized live class model for weight loss. He has truly nailed The Lean Startup approach.

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