Sunday 25 December 2022

Invest in this to get the highest result

More people should focus on investing in themselves rather than in the stock market. No stock market return can beat the returns that one gets by investing in themselves.

Here are the best investments that I've done for myself:

1. Books: I read a lot of self-improvement books. For instance, books on selling, strategy, product, running a business, mindset, and money management. I think learning, in general, is the biggest investment which I personally spend my most time on. I also have Amazon Audible and Medium subscriptions.

2. Wealth Manager: I've taken services from a reputed Wealth Management firm that helps me manage my money. Be it stock market Investments, Mutual funds, property, US Stocks, and FDs - they take care of it so that I don't have to spend my time on that. Of course, I keep an eye on everything because, at the end of the day, it's my hard-earned money.

3. Food: I used to eat a lot of outside food in my college days. Now, I have hired a professional cook at my home who prepares the meals of my choice with all homemade items customized as per my requirements and taste - less oil, less butter, less sugar, etc. This way, my outside food consumption has significantly gone down and now I eat more healthy food.

4. Fitness: I walk at least 8,000 steps on a daily basis. I'm not a big fan of gymming because I find it a little boring and so, I am learning to swim so that sufficient physical activity happens regularly. I think I need to invest more time in my Physical fitness.

5. Parents: my parents have moved with me to Mumbai and they stay with me. With them around, I feel a lot happier. Also, my father is retired and has some time, so he takes care of a lot of my administrative work like documents, paperwork, utility bills, etc. While the work isn't that big, the time I save from all of this is quite big. Plus the happiness of staying with parents cannot be described in words.

6. House: most large cities lack greenery because of a shortage of space. I'm fortunate to be staying in a house in one of the greenest localities of Mumbai - Hiranandani Gardens. It has a lot of Gardens and trees. Other than that, it has many amenities like Forest Club, Gym, Swimming Pool, Hospital, Shopping center, etc., so, my parents are also able to spend their time in a new place.

7. Monitor: I've bought an awesome 32-inch monitor that helps me to be more productive. A large screen helps me navigate easily. Also, the overall work experience becomes much better with less strain on my eyes. My work setup is next to a window and so, I make sure that every once in a while, I look outside the window to reduce the strain on my eyes.

8. Chair: I've got a Greensoul Monster chair that helps me keep my posture straight. The chair is extremely comfortable. In spite of a good quality chair, I make sure that every once in a while, I walk a bit even if it's within the room.

What have been your best Investments?

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