Sunday 4 December 2022

From Ather Energy to raising funds from Nithin Kamath and Tim Draper - journey of Mahek Mody

Today I got a chance to speak with Mahek, who's the founder of Up⤴. Mahek graduated from IIT Bombay doing his B. Tech and M. Tech in Mechanical Engineering. After working at Altair, he joined Ather Energy's Engineering Team. Within Ather, he moved from Engineering to Product to Management roles, being the Chief of Staff at the CEO's office. Ather Energy helped him learn the right skills and build the foundation for his own startup Up⤴️.

At Up⤴️, Mahek is building appliances that are smart and connected. His vision is to build a large electronic appliances brand for India, from India. With all the Government and foreign Investments in the Indian Manufacturing and Electronics Sector, India is sure to be the next appliance hub, and Up⤴️ will be leading that revolution.

We discussed a bunch of things:

1. Mahek's days at Ather Energy
2. Transition from Engineering to Product to Chief of Staff role
3. How did Mahek get the idea of Up⤴️?
4. Getting a cofounder and building an MVP remotely in COVID
5. How did they acquire initial customers?
6. Raising funds from Tim Draper and Rainmatter fund

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