Saturday 7 May 2022

What is the best career path for a jack of all trades?


An Entrepreneur needs to be a jack of all trades and a master of some. There are so many dimensions of a business that needs to be taken care of and someone who knows a little bit about everything would be perfectly suited for an entrepreneurship-based career path. A typical entrepreneur has to know the following:

  • Sales: an Entrepreneur needs to know how to sell their product/service to customers to be able to generate revenue.
  • Customer Support: after the sale has been done, an entrepreneur needs to understand the basics of providing support to customers to maintain relationships with them.
  • Recruiting: very similar to sales. Recruiting = selling your company and vision to the best talent in the market.
  • Product Management: knowing what customers want and building your product accordingly. Iterating over the product with a change in customer needs.
  • Engineering: product development and optimization.

The last 2 are important primarily for product and tech-driven businesses. Some businesses may not require them. However, Sales, Customer Support, and Recruitment are 3 activities that every entrepreneur should know the basics of.

Apart from the above, there are a bunch of things that an entrepreneur should know - negotiation, communication (written and verbal), deep thinking, networking, problem-solving, risk-taking, finance, time management, etc.

Obviously, entrepreneurs need not be skilled at everything mentioned above. The least an entrepreneur should know about a domain is the amount that is required to recruit an expert in that domain. After that, the domain expert may take over.

To conclude, for anyone who is a jack of all trades (and potentially master of some), entrepreneurship might be a fantastic career path.

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