Saturday 7 May 2022

How do I make a profile and do an internship like Aman Goel?

How do I make a profile?

  • Prepare hard for JEE - like really really hard. Forget practically everything else and just focus on JEE preparation. Aim for a top 100 rank. Join FIITJEE All India Test Series and go crazy about being able to solve AITS level problems. Screw up JEE and somehow still land up with a top 50 rank.
  • Join Computer Science program at a reputed old IIT - They have increased the seats now and so, if you are within top 50, you are sure to get into IITB CSE.
  • Get a high GPA in first year - Aim for 9.8+ (on a scale of 10). Aim for a top 10 rank in the batch (of 800+ IITians). Don’t screw up even a single course. Engineering drawing will give you nightmares, but it will be like Chemistry - giving you edge over others.
  • Chill out during first year vacations - become a JEE blogger on Quora. Waste a lot of time. Talk to people, meet relatives. Get a driving license.
  • Get into a foreign Univ during campus internship interviews because of that 9.8 pointer - go to Europe, but somehow spend the entire summer in your little chamber and prepare hard for interviews. Solve that so called cracking the coding interview - they say it is quite good. InterviewBit is also quite good they say. Try ’em both. Don’t work at all on the project you were assigned for internship - you want a job, right?

Do an internship like Aman Goel?

  • Get hired by Tower Research Capital for an internship - do well in their interviews and later tell them - ‘oh man, I screwed up! I never wanted to join your company, you are a finance firm’. They’ll anyway hire you, don’t worry.
  • Cry and look for US internships - oh ya, you are an IITian. Americans know about IITs and IITians and so, you are sure to get attention. Resume will be shortlisted. Schedule an interview at 11 PM. They are 12.30 hours behind our time.
  • Crack the interview - you solved cracking the coding interview, right? They said they ask a lot of questions from that book. They never asked a single question from it. They asked tougher problems. Don’t worry, you know shit because eh, you worked hard for all these years. You are still better than many many others.
  • Get an internship - get hospitalized with tension about internship selection results.
  • Fly to Palo Alto - post some airport pics on FB to tease your friends.
  • Enjoy the internship - they’ll scold you for not eating cookies. You are an intern, you should be pampered!
  • Get amazed by the startup culture in Silicon Valley - startups, VCs, innovation, tech, AI, ML, what not shit - all buzz words.
  • Come back to India - realize that India is the best :)
  • Get a return offer for excellent work during internship

Turn it down and enjoy working on your own startup :)

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