Monday 15 July 2019

Which are the best projects I can do to learn Django?

The best strategy to learn something is to learn by doing. You have indeed chosen the right way to learn Django.
First things first - head to the Djangogirls Tutorial, which is arguably one of the best Django tutorials. The tutorial is simple and easy-to-grasp, even for beginners and the best part? At the end of the tutorial, you’d have developed a fantastic blog application of yours and also hosted it. This in itself is a great first project that you can put on your resume.
Now, talking about some other project ideas on Django:
  • Professor Review Platform. You can create your own ‘Professor Review System’ through which students would be able to review professors and courses so that they can decide which course to take. Create the following features:
    • Maintain and manage the list of professors in the institute
    • Students can add reviews (on a scale of 5) about various qualities of the professor like knowledge of the subject, teaching skills, interactivity during lectures, level of assignments and quizzes and exams, etc.
    • Aggregated rating and top reviews could be shown to the students so that they can decide which course to take.
  • Online Resume Generator. You can create an Online Resume Generator with the following features:
    • Ask users for their online details like name, email, projects, jobs, internships, etc.
    • Create a resume out of the basic details they’ve provided
    • Share the link to the resume with others
    • Peer-to-peer resume review system so that others can provide feedback on resume
    • Allow resume to be generated in multiple formats as per the requirement
  • Keyword-based Chatbot. You can create a Keyword-based ChatBot with the following features:
    • Create/Delete/Edit an intent
    • Match keywords in user input to send a reply
    • Create/Delete/Edit bot responses
    • Randomize the responses to make it more human like
    • Allow images and files in bot’s reply
  • Paytm like a walletPaytm is a well-known online wallet, much like PayPal. How about creating your own e-wallet? Make it equipped with the following features:
    • Allow users to create their own account.
    • Use a free SMS API to send OTP
    • Integrate a payment gateway for transferring actual money
    • Send money to each other digitally
    • Request money from other users
    • Show the account statement to the users
    • Send weekly account updates/summary via email
  • Clone of Quora. You can create a clone of Quora with the following functionality:
    • Create an account (register), log in
    • Newsfeed to show users the latest questions and answers, trending questions and answers, etc.
    • Add a new question
    • Add an answer to a question, save answer as a draft
    • Topics - attach a topic to a question, bundle questions by category
    • Follow a question/topic
    • Comments and replies, threads, discussion forums
    • Moderation - blocking/muting users who do not meet community guidelines
    • User Profiles - edit details, add credentials, bio, profile picture, etc.
    • Messaging each other
    • Blocking/muting unwanted users
    • Sharing others’ answers
All of the above project ideas can be implemented in Django and it will help you in learning the nuances of Web-development.

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