Monday 15 July 2019

What is the best way to learn Python and Django?

Start with a project.
One of the best freely available Django tutorials is Django Girls Tutorial. In this tutorial, they assume that you don’t know anything about Python or Django or Backend Development and you are taught how to build a Blog Application in Django from scratch.
I personally started from this tutorial and it was immensely useful, so useful that we’ve incorporated it as a part of our interview process at AllinCall. Basically, in the final round at AllinCall, the candidates are supposed to solve this tutorial before the interview. Then, during the interview, we interact with the candidate to see how well they understood the tutorial and are they comfortable in developing new features in this blog application.
The advantage is that even those who are unable to clear the interview, learn something new and are happy about that.
Once you’re through with Django Girls Tutorial, I’d recommend doing projects in Django. The projects will not only help you learn but also help you showcase your learnings on your resume. Here is a great course that involves several Django projects.
  • Project 1: Database Driven Website – You will learn how to create a website and tie it in with a database, as well as how to use a dynamic code in your HTML pages.
  • Project 2: Django app – You will learn how to build a completely functional app, as well as how to get it to communicate with other apps.
  • Project 3: Email sent form – In this project, you will create an email form that will be sent to a real email account to learn how messaging works in Django.
  • Project 4: E-commerce website – In this one, you will learn how to design a complete e-commerce website, along with a cart and a checkout process.
  • Project 5: User authentication – You will learn how to do user authentication, where users can sign up, log in and modify their admin panel.

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