Monday 15 July 2019

What is the best way to learn a programming language from a non-CS background?

Computer Programming today has become one of the most important skills in almost all domains. A basic course on Computer Programming fundamentals has been made a part of the curriculum of all colleges across all departments. Basically, every graduating student has to take a “CS101” course which is about the basics of programming.
Unfortunately, the way CS101 is taught in most colleges is not effective. This results in students losing complete interest in Computer Programming. Many students become afraid of Computer Programming and they want to stay away from it for life.
The reality is that Computer Science is easy and anyone can learn it, provided that the learning approach is correct. If you try to memorize things because your teacher told you to do so, then you are sure to lose interest. After a time, memorization becomes irritating. What students should really focus on is the right approach to learn Programming so that they can utilize it for various purposes.
The learning process for beginners is divided into 3 key parts:
  • Choosing the Programming Language
  • Learning the fundamentals of Programming
  • Implementing interesting projects
A lot of students are always worried about the programming language that they should use to start learning to program. Many in fact, argue on which programming language is the best.
The reality is that at the CS101 level, it hardly matters which programming language you start with.
The core objective at the beginner level is to learn the basics of programming and to get good at writing code in a well-known programming language of your choice.

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