Monday 15 July 2019

Is engineering from a Tier 3 college a waste of time?

One of our advisors told me a great story.
There was an astrologer X who claimed that he could predict the future. X was quite well known in the town and people flocked to him to know about their destiny. There was a man Y who was quite irritated with this. He wanted to prove that X is just fooling around and he doesn’t really have the prediction capabilities.
Therefore, he picked up a little sparrow and went to X and asked - after 5 minutes, would this sparrow be dead or alive?
Of course, on Y’s part, this was a smart move. If X said that the bird would die, Y would simply free the bird. If X said that the bird would stay alive, Y would clutch his fist to kill it.
X was smart and he gave the following answer: the sparrow would be dead or alive depending on what you do with it. It is what you make out of it.
This story was actually told by our advisor to one of our interns when he asked Sir about how he can get the best out of his internship.
The take-home message is simple - your destiny is what you make out of it. If you sit back and relax and rely on luck, nothing is going to happen. If you start reading about the available opportunities, start learning new things, meeting new people, sharing ideas and perform actions, you are sure to succeed in life. There are a large number of successful Tier 2 and 3 college alumni. You should consider reading about them and their success story of how they achieved success.

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