Tuesday 16 July 2019

How did Aman Goel start with coding?

I started coding back in 6th standard (2006).
In my school curriculum in Computer Science, we were taught the basics of GWBASIC, a relatively old programming language. I got to learn the fundamentals of programming - variables, constants, expressions, loops, conditions, etc. As my first project in programming, I made a “Kaun Banega Crorepati” game in GWBASIC.
Later in 7th standard, our curriculum included C++ programming and basics of Object-Oriented Programming. So, I got to learn about the same basic concepts in C++ and over and above that, I learned about abstraction, encapsulation, inheritance, polymorphism - basically, objects and classes.
From 8th until 10th standard, our curriculum was all in Java and so, effectively, I got to learn Java for the next 3 years. That included basics of Java Programming, Object-Oriented Programming in Java and also some simple algorithms like Sorting (Selection Sort and Bubble Sort) and Searching (Linear Search and Binary Search). I also remember solving a lot of pattern problems wherein you are given a specific pattern of numbers or symbols which you are supposed to implement using a program. Further, I also learned about functions, recursion, etc.
I was actively involved in the Computer Programming activity in the school and also won a certificate for the best student in the activity (yeah, a meaningless certificate now!)
Later I lost touch of programming in 11th and 12th due to JEE preparation. However, I resumed the same once I got into college. Right from the 1st semester, we had courses around the basics of Programming, Abstractions and Paradigms in Programming, Software Systems Lab, Data Structures and Algorithms, Operating Systems, Databases, Machine Learning, etc.
If I were to do it all from scratch today, I will rather start with Python and then go to C++ Programming.


  1. bhaiya why you stopped writing further blogs on https://amangoeliitb.blogspot.com PLEASE CONTINUE WHEN YOU HAVE TIME....

  2. Please suggest some good course for learning python programming from scratch.

    1. Try courses from Udacity and Eduonix:

      - https://bit.ly/2pJ2rKS
      - https://bit.ly/30GawjP

  3. Sir i am from not very good college so mere ko kispe jyada dhyan dene chahiye competetive or development.

  4. Sir please suggest some courses for learning c programming form beginner to
    Advance level